Validation of a ConsiGma® Tablet Coater Digital Twin

By 18. June 2021 July 9th, 2021 No Comments

Using CFD-DEM coupling models were developed for the simulation of the coating process inside a ConsiGma® coater. The models allow a four way coupling of momentum, heat and mass transfer in the coating process. You will see a good alignment of the models with the validation data. The results were validated along the tablet movement, coating mass distribution, outlet air temperature, tablet moisture and vapor mass fraction inside the outlet air.

Peter Böhling holds a PhD in process engineering and works at RCPE since 2021 he was recently promoted to senior scientist. His work focuses on the modeling of tablet coating processes using high fidelity CFD-DEM models, as well as the movement and behavior of complex powders in feed frames, mixers, and other unit operations. During the last year, he researched the influence of process conditions on the coating quality as well as the influence of material behavior on the residence time and mixing in different processes.

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