Powder Tribo-charging During Twin-screw Feeding Operations

By 9. July 2021 July 12th, 2021 No Comments

Powder tribo-charging is a complex multifactorial phenomenon, which may still occurr unexpectedly and cause problems during powder processing. This talks gives an insight on the propensity of commonly used pharmaceutical powders to acquire charge when processed. You will learn how tribo-charging may be critical for powder feeding and how to characterize it, which material attributes are deemed relevant, and how it may be affected by changes in relative humidity.

Michela Beretta holds a master‘s degree in chemical engineering and is currently a PhD student at RCPE. Her research focus is the field of material science for continuous manufacturing. Within the last years she has been working on powder characterization, continuous direct compression and on the development of controlled drug delivery systems for vaginal administration.

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