LIPID-MICROPARTICLES FOR INHALATION: Impact of lipid crystallization on spray-drying processability

Spray-drying is a versatile manufacturing process that enables readily engineering of inhalable particles. However, it presents several limilations for lipid-based excipients, product loss, sticky products or simply inability to yield a solid product are typically reported. In this talk you will learn ways how this issues can be overcome and what connects the crystallization and solid state of lipidbased excipients with their processability via spray-drying.

Carolina Corzo is a chemical engineer with a master’s degree in pharmaceutical engineering. She‘s currently a PhD candidate in pharmacetical technology on the topic of lipid-microparticles for inhalation. She is a Scientist at RCPE in the area of „Advanced Products and Delivery“. Her main experience lays on spray-drying and material science of lipid-based excipients.

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