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Partners and companies within ECCPM develop implementable solutions to advance pharmaceutical manufacturing into the 21st century.

We significantly push forward continuous manufacturing by integrating pharmaceutical engineering, material science, and innovative technologies with a rational, science-first approach. Our efforts allow organizations and businesses to transform their manufacturing practices today. 

The Challenges for Modernizing Pharmaceutical Manufacturing 

Technological Advancements:

The progression of technology, including automation, real-time release testing, QA/QC strategies, and predictive modelling (whether mechanistic or data-driven), paves the way for more streamlined manufacturing processes. 

New Modalities:

The growing intricacy of pharmaceutical products like biologics, nanostructured systems, and personalized medicines requires cutting-edge manufacturing approaches and highly specialized experts. This is essential to address production challenges and enhance understanding of processes and materials. 

Need for Resilience and Independence:

Building resilience against disruptions such as pandemics and natural disasters drives innovation in manufacturing technologies and logistics. This aims to ensure efficient local production of medicines at reasonable costs. 

How We Navigate These Challenges: Combining Partnerships, Expertise, and Technical Development 

  • We leverage an interdisciplinary team of engineers and researchers, complemented by a diverse partner matrix of pharma, technology providers, and academic collaborators.
  • We establish a platform for pre-competitive information exchange and networking. 
  • We provide ready-to-use contractual frameworks with flexible IPR arrangements and low financial risk, all backed by RCPE’s deep expertise in advanced manufacturing and characterization.
  • We offer tools to assess the impact of continuous manufacturing routes on costs, efficiency, and yield, along with concepts for integrated quality control strategies.  
  • We contribute our capabilities including simulations of unit operations in continuous manufacturing processes and advanced AI-based prediction models. 

Find Examples From our Research Below:

We are continuously expanding our network.