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Partners and companies within ECCPM develop implementable solutions to propel pharmaceutical manufacturing into the twentyfirst century.

We fundamentally advance continuous manufacturing by combining (pharmaceutical) engineering, material science, and innovative technologies with a rational, science-first approach. Our work enables organizations and companies to reinvent their manufacturing practices today.

The Drivers for Modernizing Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

  • Process and material understanding
  • QA / QC strategy
  • Real-time release testing
  • Predictive modeling
  • Regulatory alignment
  • Economic alignment
  • Human resource/expertise development

Our Approach to Continuous Manufacturing Development:

  • An interdisciplinary team of process, pharmaceutical and chemical engineers and researchers
  • A diverse partner matrix consisting of pharma, technology/equipment providers, and academic/scientific collaborators
  • A platform for pre-competitive information exchange and networking
  • Flexible intellectual property rights (IPR) arrangements to enable a agile and focused exploration of specific interest

Benefits and Expected Outcomes

  • Low financial risks to explore new technological options and applications
  • Access to RCPE’s long-term experience with continuous and advanced manufacturing, PAT, process control, and predictive modeling
  • Exploitation of RCPE’s extensive experience in the advanced manufacturing and (in-line and off-line) characterization
  • Access to the most advanced AI-based dissolution prediction models
  • Access to the regular ECCPM-organized conferences
  • Examination of the impact of continuous manufacturing routes on costs (production, materials, footprint, etc.), efficiency and yield
  • Implementation of concepts for integrated quality control strategies
  • Utilization of continuous manufacturing knowledge and experience
  • Access to consolidated scientific expertise (e.g., simulation, control and process knowhow, RTRT-PAT, and formulation development)
  • Access to equipment and instrumentation suppliers
  • Access to an international and focused network